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3-on-3 League

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Program Details

Five Weekly Sessions: Each session consists of a full hour of training, playing and learning the right way to play; 20 minutes of training and skill development, 40 minutes of playing 3-on-3

For: Boys and girls grades 3rd-8th (players will be separated by age and grade)

Time: TBA

Dates: TBA

Price: $100; register and pay before and receive $10 off (Venmo: @njbballclub)

Referral Discount: For every person you refer that signs up, you will receive $10 off

Location: TBA

Why Play 3-on-3?

Various sports have their own game modification: 2v2 volleyball, 4v4 soccer, 7-on-7 football. Why doesn’t basketball have its own game modification? Why do we only play 5-on-5?


3-on-3 basketball incorporates all of the game’s skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork and defense. It also includes all of the tactical skills of the game: pass and cut, on-ball screen, off-ball screen, dribble handoff, penetration reaction, and help and recover. 3-on-3 basketball eliminates all of the negatives towards long-term development: positions, zone defense, full-court press and set plays. 3-on-3 basketball also provides:

  • Greater player involvement: Fewer players = more time possessing ball = greater opportunity to improve = greater enjoyment

  • More random practice, leading to effective transfer to future games and more permanent changes in performance

  • Removal of coach, playing time and officials

COVID-19 Procedures:

  • Temperature checks and COVID-19 screening questions will be conducted upon arrival for all players and coaches

  • Every player must bring their own ball

  • All coaches wear masks at all times

  • Every player must bring their own water


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