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New Jersey Basketball Club (NJBC) is a youth basketball organization based out of Union County, New Jersey focused on teaching players how to play and understand the game of basketball. NJBC utilizes a games-based approach to coaching through the use of small-sided games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4) to maximize learning and transfer from practice to the game and to create a more permanent change in performance. This allows for more player involvement (as compared to individual drills) by increased time possessing the ball, resulting in a substantial opportunity to improve and more enjoyment. Too many players focus on becoming great at flashy drills that do not correlate to the game. Basketball is a game of decision-making; we focus on improving players' decision-making by spending most of our time playing against a defense

NJBC is founded by Jonathan Toczynski (JT), current Head Boys Basketball Coach at Woodbridge High School and former Bergen Catholic High School Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach. Coach JT is a USA Basketball Licensed Coach, as well as a coach at Snow Valley Iowa Basketball School, recognized by Sports Illustrated as one of the nation's top basketball camps. Coach JT is also a member of Radius Athletics, recognized for their members' ability to teach towards the modern game, as well as Thrive On Challenge, known for members' ability to create transformational cultures. In his second season at Woodbridge, Coach JT lead the varsity team to the program's first 3-0 start as well as the most varsity wins in a season since 2017-2018. At Bergen Catholic, Coach JT assisted a program that won multiple division, conference, and state sectional championships, while consistently being ranked a top basketball team in the state and the country. Through Coach JT's time at Bergen Catholic, players have graduated to play at Xavier, Notre Dame, Butler, and Saint Peter's. Coach JT is also a high school teacher in Middlesex County.

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